For Glen Eden Centre

"I just got off the phone with Andrea the speech therapist and she was raving about how impressed she was with the centre after her visit yesterday!!

She said that the teachers teach the children the way they need to learn and follow their lead, that they seem to understand each child and their specific needs. She said the routine in the class was just awesome. She said it was amazing to see and that Vila & her team are amazing and that Saia was in the very best place for him to develop to his full potential!! Also, she just said how well he is doing since she last saw him in November. She is writing up a report but I wanted to pass that on as it made me very happy and wanted to thank you guys as always."~~Julie Latu, April 2023

For Glen Eden Centre

"I am so sad to say that the Meadows' boys are leaving Vincent is off to the Gold Coast later this month and the kids and I are going to live at my nanas out in Mellons Bay until December so the commute is going to be too difficult to keep them in until we leave.

I just wanted to say that this is the absolute best centre I have ever been to. Hunter has been to 3 others but the culture, understanding and support you all provide is amazing. Being able to leave the kids and walk away everyday knowing that they are in good hands is a great feeling so thank you all for taking such great care of my babies. They absolutely adore you guys so this will be a very hard goodbye!"

~~Jodeci Nolan, October 2023

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