At Happy Learning Childcare, we are committed to providing an enriching and nurturing environment where each child can thrive and discover their unique potential. Guided by the holistic framework of Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, we shape our teaching and learning practices to support the well-being, development, and learning journey of every child. We uphold the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, recognizing the importance of Partnership, Protection, and Participation in fostering an inclusive and bi-cultural environment.

Our Philosophy is built on six Core Values that define who we are and guide our daily interactions and decision-making processes:

1.        Honesty (Pono): We value open and transparent communication, creating a trustworthy environment where children and families feel secure and informed.

2.         Respect (Whakaute): Every child’s unique identity, culture, and voice are honoured, fostering a community where diversity is celebrated and every individual feels valued.

3.         Equality (Mana Taurite): We are committed to providing equitable opportunities for all, promoting an inclusive culture that respects and acknowledges the diverse backgrounds and abilities of our children and staff.

4.        Professionalism (Ringa Rehe): Our dedicated team maintains the highest standards of excellence, continually advancing our knowledge and skills to enrich the educational experiences we offer.

5.          Resilience (Aumangea): We nurture a supportive environment that encourages children to develop the confidence and strength to face challenges and adapt to change.

6.        Integrity (Ngakau Tapatahi): Upholding ethical standards, we act with honesty and transparency, ensuring our practices reflect our commitment to the children’s holistic development with consistency and adherence to strong ethical principles even in a challenging environment.

We embrace the beauty of nature, the power of play, and the strength of collaborative learning, creating a space where children, families, and educators are co-researchers in the journey of lifelong learning.

Through this philosophy, Happy Learning Childcare aims to be a leading example of excellence and happiness in early childhood education in New Zealand, where the joy and success of every learner are at the heart of all we do.

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