Our babies room (0 to 2 years)

At this delicate and early stage of their life, infants require observant and nurturing adults who will respond to their needs calmly, treat them gently, and understand and respect their special routines.

Our early childhood educators provide a loving and nurturing place for every baby to thrive and develop.  We provide a home away from home space which ensures a clear link between the home and the centre environment.  We have individual and group plans to support our babies’ physical, social and language development supported by an environment with high teacher to child ratios

Leaving your baby in anyone’s care at this age is a big decision for every parent. This is made harder by the fear of missing out on being part of your baby’s mile stones – their first step or their first word… Our educators capture these special moments and share them with you via Story park and regular photos.  We want you to feel part of their development and learning experiences.

Even though your infant may not be independently mobile we ensure that there are numerous opportunities throughout the day for him or her to experience a variety of experiences. Curiosity is a motivator for physical activity so resources are available in the nursery section of the centre which encourage pushing and pulling, twisting and turning with minimal adult assistance. We provide babies’ with support and encouragement, freedom of movement to practice and perfect their skill at their own pace. You’re babies will be supported and supervised through their journey of discovery. Our role as caregivers is to recognise their individual development and support their choices to new and exciting experiences.

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