Transition To School Programme

In reality, this programme begins at birth. Self-help skills, self-control and communication form vital pillars of this programme. These do not just begin when your child starts attending the Transition to School Programme.  Our role as educators is to nurture these from that day forward. Your child will naturally work through the foundation skills before they will read or write. And this thinking forms the foundation of our Transition to School Programme. It is these skills that we focus on at our early learning centre to ensure our children get the most out of their learning and are ready for formal training at school.  After talking to a select few Primary teachers their advice on school preparation from an ECE setting is as follows:

“we would like your child to be able to ask questions, sit still at times , pay attention, carry out small individual tasks like opening their school bag, lunch boxes and drink bottles as well as being able to care for their belongings”

The components of our Transition to School Programme which form an integral part of the early childhood education curriculum at Happy Learning are:

  • Foundation skills for learning.    Individual writing books are made available.
  • Focused learning through play.   Book bags with readers.
  • Portfolios.   Termly school visits.
  • Curriculum experiences (Science, Maths, Physical, Literacy, Art, Music).
  • Parent involvement.  Focus on learning dispositions.  A link with our local schools

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