Heading To School

 ( around 3 TO 4 YEARS)

When your child is ready to transition, he or she will move to the preschool room of the Happy Learning Childcare centre. This stage of early childhood education is about developing their interests, strengthening their motor skills and supporting their self-independence. 

A day in the life of your pre-school child at Happy Learning childcare centre is full of promise and prospect. Intertwined with play is a need to encourage self-help, ensuring your child eats, drinks, uses the toilet and has a sleep if required. With this age group we also focus a lot on positive attitudes, developing social skills and self-esteem.

Preparation for life outside our ECE service is a key focus of the preschool programme (a part of the early childhood education curriculum). We want our children to be competent and confident learners, healthy in mind, body and soul. At our centre, we support this by providing a challenging and stimulating environment for every child.  All facilities and furniture have been carefully crafted to help children succeed.

Happy Learning is also proud to run a comprehensive transition to school programme as part of the preschool programme.  Based on the early childhood education curriculum, this programme has been designed to support children and their families when starting school.

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