Meri Kirihimete Happy Learning children10-DEC-2021

15 sleeps to go and it’s Christmas Day! As we begin our countdown, our tamariki were very busy decorating our Christmas tree at Happy Learning today. They had so much fun doing this with plentiful of chit chats from our preschoolers. They were talking about Santa coming and what they would like from Santa. With our toddlers and babies, they were very content to just do the job by hanging the decors and helping each other to choose and select which decors fascinates them the most. Christmas spirit is definitely happening at Happy Learning! Through this joyous tradition, our children are learning to value and respect the season, life skills, social interactions and individual creativity is well visible
For Parents and Whanau
What do you remember about Christmas from when you were a child? Special food, the smell of the Christmas tree or the dusty decorations being pulled out of the cupboard, seeing family, laughing and fun. Or are your memories of stressed adults, shouting and tears, rushing and worrying? What do you want your children to remember about Christmas? What traditions do you want to create for them? Now is the best time to start – or carry on – family traditions that your children will remember with happiness and love to tell their children about.
Meri Kirihimete Happy Learning children and whanau!
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